Zach Nachazel
This was my first time here and got the Birria Tacos and Lengua Burrito. The staff were incredibly friendly, the food came out super fast! Everything tastes amazing and I already can’t wait to order from them again! Definitely would recommend.
Plenty of Polish Cristicarpenter
They have great food . I accidentally left my credit card there and they found me on Facebook to notify me. The integrity meant so much to me! Thank you Taqueria El Chaparrito!
Keegan K.
Upon arriving I had immediately noticed how busy this business was with takeout and dining, despite just opening. however I was seated promptly, and it did not take longer than a minute for the server to be with me. The server whos name I was not given was a extremely helpful and friendly younger guy who was always checking in to see if I needed help. If the owner is reading this, give this man a raise he seriously deserves it. Before I get into the food let me first say that the atmosphere of this place really sells it. Rustic Mexican furnishings and paintings give it that true homey feel and the experience that much better. I had ordered the $8.99 taco dinner special and I was very surprised with it. With a price that rivals fast food Mexican the flavor and taste were all there. The salsa and chips were some of the best I have ever had. The salsa was sweet and packed with flavor, it also left a slight spice on your tongue just to let you know its there. The chips could have used a light salting but I digress. The rice looked dry upon arriving but I couldn't have been more wrong, It was super moist and borderline melted in my mouth with a light buttery and lime flavor. The beans as many others have said truly are the best in town, they had a solid smoky and salty flavor that put them over the top for me. The first taco I ate was the Al Pastor which had a very pleasant flavor but was on the dry side unfortunately, not bad but could have been better, especially for a marinated meat. The Pollo taco was out of this world. I have no other words to describe it except pure poultry paradise. The flavor was so intense and it was incredibly tender and pouring liquid out the sides, I would heavily recommend this as a strong option here. My third taco was the molida. The beef was very juicy but not greasy, a very hard combo to accomplish but they nailed it. Overall I loved my experience today at Taqueria El Chaparrito and I will most definitely be back. cheers!
Alec Garza
The best taco joint in Lansing, beans and rice are fantastic as well. My wife gets the steak burrito every time. El Pastor is my go-to.
Meredith Bryant Holm
My husband & I stopped for lunch today (take-out). We had tacos-2 shrimp, 2 fish & 2 steak, 1 side of rice & beans and 1 large drink. Fast, friendly service, the tacos were great, and it was all less than $16! Thank you! 😃
Hannah Hopp
other reviewers who said the food "slaps hard" were 100% spot on. the interior of the location is colorful and spacious, everyone on staff was nice, and the food was AMAZING. i particularly enjoyed the nopal, it was super hearty and delicious. 10000% recommend, wishing nothing but the best to this business <3
Claudia L.
We just went to their new second location, it is a fantastic new venue! Perhaps in the future (post COVID) they will have a buffet since the set up since to be in place already. They expanded the menu with many new delicious delicacies. The atmosphere is vibrant and homely as usual :) I love coming here, it always makes a dull day brighter. Additional notes: all employees and cooks are wearing PPE, social distancing protocol are adhered, and they wear gloves when delivering your food to the table, it witness them sanitizing menus and tables as well.
Haley S.
okay so I never leave reviews - keep that in mind. but the day I ordered delivery from here. wow. I'm nearly speechless. I only paid $11.59 in total ($3 off promotion going on that select places offered) for two carnitas tacos, a side of rice and beans, a tamale, and a can of coke. best $11 ever spent. I tipped my driver extra. and let me just tell you, mexican rice can be easily botched by mexican american restaurants. los tres amigos rice is so bad I have to drown it in hot sauce. that's how I know this place is authentic. first thing I tried was the rice and it almost brought tears to my eyes, that's how good this rice is. it's better than my abuela's. I don't even need to go into detail about everything else. if a mexican place has rice this good, that tells you enough. go try it today and see for yourself. 11/10